Canon Printer Customer Service Number

Canon Printer Support Phone Number

  • UK Direct Contact Number : 0-808-234-2380 UK (Talk to human)
    USA Direct Contact Number : 1-844-978-0495 USA (Talk to human)
  • Call Time : 7 days a week: 5am-9pm UTC
  • Independent Support: 1-844-931-0891 (Talk to human)
  • Average Waiting Time : 1 min
  • Get Online Support :
  • Company Website :
  • Useful tools & number to call : Call via web


Canon® is a Japanese multinational company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan which is well-known for manufacturing imaging and optical products. Canon® is famous for its cameras, computer printers, camcorders, medical equipment, steppers, etc. If you want to buy a quality printer at a good price then buying a Canon® product will be cost-effective. Canon® offers a good range of printers from inkjet printer to multifunctional printer. Now Canon® is also offering you latest Canon® IVY Pocket Photo Printer. Canon® printers are known for the best quality drivers and ink. Canon® printers can be an excellent choice for a home user as well as works perfectly in multinational companies. Canon® not only provides top quality printers but as well as best Canon® Customer Service Number for Printers. If you are facing any kind of trouble or need any assistance regarding your Canon® printer; we are here for you.


Issue!? Dial Canon Printer Service Phone Number Instantly

Canon® printers are usually robust and provide long-lasting service but every technical gadget has a smooth working phase. After that period, every device starts showing various glitches and errors. If you are dealing with the same problem then contact Canon® Customer Service Phone Number USA and get help from expert technicians. Our technicians have years of experience in dealing with printer related errors and can easily troubleshoot your errors.


Common errors with Canon Printers which can be easily get fixed by dialing Canon Printer Customer Service Telephone Number

Unable to connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi

Before finding the solutions make sure your Wi-Fi device is working fine and your printer is in the Wi-Fi range. After this, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Switch ON your printer
  2. Press the WPS button until you see the orange light
  3. You will see a blue light which keeps blinking for searching the network
  4. Always connect the printer with a secure Wi-Fi
  5. Wait until the blue light becomes solid
  6. Now you can use your printer

If you are still unable to use your printer; dial Phone Number to Canon® Customer Service for help.


My Canon Printer is not working on Windows 10

Check whether your PC and Canon® printer is switched on and connected or not. Now try to run the printing troubleshooter tool which is provided by your Windows OS. If your printer is still giving you trouble; it means your printer driver is not working. Go to the printer website and search for the Windows 10 compatible Printer Driver. But you have to uninstall the older printer driver before installing a new one:

  1. Go to the start menu
  2. Now click on Device and Printer
  3. Click on Canon® Printer
  4. Click on Remove Device
  5. Now reinstall the printer

If you are facing any trouble with the drivers; contact Canon® Customer Service Phone Number for Printer.


My Canon Printer is working slowly

After the smooth working phase, every printer device starts running slowly. If your printer device has passed its smooth working phase and now you are facing the speed error then you can use various techniques for speeding up printer’s speed. One of the common methods is omitting the images and diagrams. Images take more time for printing. If you can work without images then omitting them can increase your printing speed. Another preferred technique is by using the drift mode of your device. Drift mode increases the printing quantity but at the same time, the quality of the print gets decreased. Drift mode uses a very little amount of ink while printing which results in poor print quality. You can’t use drift mode for printing colorful and bright images. But you can use this mode for printing plain documents such as word file. When you want to print bright printouts, you can easily switch back to a normal or high-quality mode. You can consult Canon® Printers Customer Service Number and get professional help for speeding up your printer.


Printing isn’t completed

This error usually occurs when you are printing bright or graphic-heavy quality printout. During printout, if your machine starts performing more priority job then the machine will halt the printing process and will resume after completing the high-priority job. This kind of error can also occur when your printer is working from hours. Due to excess heat; the printer stops printing and will resume after cooling. But if your printer is not resuming the printing process then you should contact Canon® Printer Tech Helpline Phone Number for help.


Faded Print

Faded or blank printing errors usually occur when the print head gets clogged. Print head generally clogged due to dried ink. This is one of the common problems in inkjet printers. Due to the same reason, you may get horizontal lines or spots on your printer. You can clean the dried ink by using the printer’s utility program. If you need any help; contact Phone Number for Canon® Printers.


Low ink error

Sometimes, your printer shows “low ink error” while it is printing absolutely fine. Well, this error occurs because every printer has a low ink point. When the ink level touches the low ink point; it starts showing low ink error. But it’s not necessary to refill your ink cartridge when you get the error message. You can print until the print quality starts degrading. Once, you feel that the print quality is low; refill or change the cartridge. Changing cartridges every time will cost and lot. The old cartridges usually get dumped outside which harms the environment. Refilling cartridges can be a good and cost-effective solution. But refilling cartridges is a bit difficult; you can ask for professional help for this job by dialing Canon® Customer Service Phone Number for Printer.


Paper Jam

There is a warning message or an alarm notifying you when a paper is jammed in your printer. The first thing you must do is to turn off the printer and unplug it. Then, without touching the firm or rail, gently pull out the jammed paper. Make sure no slips of paper are left inside. This usually happens when the print head is clogged due to dried ink. This is fairly common in inkjet printers which are not frequently used. Apart from being too light, print may also have horizontal lines or be too spotty. You can clear the dried ink using the printer’s utility program. After running the program, print a test page to check if the problem is resolved. You can also get professional help by dialing Canon® Printer Help Phone Number.


Faded Print

Sometimes, faded prints happen because the ink is about to run out. However, should this be the case, your printer gives an alert for this. If this is the culprit, make sure you change the cartridges. When no paper appears even if there’s paper on the printer ensure when this happens the machine and computer may be processing the large data when the processing is done the printing resumes. If you are seeking for help then dial Canon® Customer Care Phone Number.


Contact Canon Printer Customer Service Phone Number USA and get reliable help

People get can numerous errors while using a printer. Some of the errors are hardware related while some of them are software related. If you are facing any kind of software error with your printer; you can instantly deal with it by dialing Canon® Printer Helpline Number. Our team is providing you round the clock services which means you can get help from our technicians any time of the day. Our technicians will provide you the best and top working solutions in a very friendly manner.


You can also visit direct Canon website to complete your setup or call at 1860 180 3366.

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