Malwarebytes Customer Service Phone Number

Malwarebytes Support Phone Number

  • UK Direct Contact Number : 0-808-280-8037 UK (Talk to human)
    USA Direct Contact Number : 1-844-931-0897 USA (Talk to human)
  • Call Time : 7 days a week: 5am-9pm UTC
  • Independent Support: 1-844-931-0891 (Talk to human)
  • Average Waiting Time : 1 min
  • Get Online Support :
  • Company Website :
  • Useful tools & number to call : Call via web

Contact Malwarebytes Antivirus Customer Service Number Team

Malwarebytes is one of the most famous anti-malware software programs which provide excellent security from all kinds of harmful online and offline threats. The malware detection rate of this antivirus is very high. Whenever any kind of malicious virus tries to infect your system; Malwarebytes detects and remove that virus instantly and secure your device from any kind of further infection. If it detects any suspicious website; it quickly blocks the website and protects your network. It offers the best security for your device, data as well as your network. You can contact Malwarebytes Support and get more assistance about Malwarebytes antivirus plan. It provides you a powerful scan which removes all harmful malware such as virus, Trojans, adware, spyware from your device.

Contact Malwarebytes Customer Service for help

Device and data security are one of the most common concerns nowadays. With increasing technology the danger of getting security threats is also increasing. If you want to provide a secure platform to your device and data then installing Malwarebytes antivirus is vital. You can dial Malwarebytes Contact Number for help. We are providing you the best help services for any kind of issues related to Malwarebytes. Many people have reported that they are getting some kind of errors while using Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes gives you the best protection but at the same time, you can get numerous errors related to Malwarebytes. If you are one of them and are seeking for help then contact Malwarebytes Tech Support for troubleshooting your errors quickly. People can get glitches while downloading, installing, running, or updating Malwarebytes antivirus. We are 24*7 available for fixing all errors related to Malwarebytes.

Common Malwarebytes issues which can easily be fixed by contacting Malwarebytes Customer Support

  • Downloading and installation error

If you are getting a downloading error; it means you are working on a weak internet connection or you have very low free space in your device. But if you have a good internet connection and free space in your device then you should dial Malwarebytes Phone Number for help. Installation error can occur to various reasons such as corrupted Windows files, deleted program files, etc. Before downloading Malwarebytes in your device; please check the device compatibility. Make sure you are working on updated Windows. If you are unable to fix this error and need any kind of technical help then contact Malwarebytes Number and get proper guidelines from our professionals.


  • Malwarebytes error code 20025

20025 error message usually occurs while installing Malwarebytes but many people get this error while installing Windows OS. Error code 20025 can occur due to various reasons; one of the common causes for this error is corrupt Malwarebytes program files. Incomplete installation of Malwarebytes setup can be a potential cause of getting this error. If you want to troubleshoot this error quickly; contact Malwarebytes Support Number for help. Sometimes corrupted registry entries can result in Malwarebytes error 20025; you can try repairing your registry entries which are related to this error code. But if you are not from the technical background then fixing registry entries without any professional help can get you into more damage.  So, it’s better to get technical help for fixing the error without any complications.


  • Malicious Website protection feature of Malwarebytes get disabled

This feature of Malwarebytes protects your device from all malicious websites lurking around your network. If are trying to access a page which seems suspicious to Malwarebytes; it will instantly block that URL and prevent any kind of malicious activities. But if this feature of your antivirus gets disabled it means your network is no more protected from malicious URLs. If you want to protect your computer from all harmful websites; dial Malwarebytes Support Phone Number for help. Try updating your antivirus. Restart your device then go to the Update Now button. Sometimes rebooting the device can also fix this error.


  • Unable to access the website

If you are failing to access a website due to Malwarebytes which means the DNS of your antivirus is working correctly. When you try to access a website which seems suspicious; the DNS of your antivirus shows you a message that this website is not safe and blocks the URL to prevent any kind of harm. But if you want to access that URL then you have to disable your DNS. For disabling DNS; right-click on the Malwarebytes tray icon and uncheck the website blocking option. Now try to access that website. If you are still facing error while accessing the URL then contact Malwarebytes Customer Support Number for reliable help.


  • Unable to connect to a service issue

If you are getting unable to connect to service error message then it means you are facing any kind of internal error. Most of the errors can fix by rebooting your device. If you are facing same error after rebooting your device then dial Malwarebytes Customer Service Number for help. You can fix this kind of error by following the guidelines given below:

  1. Go to the Start menu
  2. Type services.msc in the search bar and hit the enter button
  3. You will get Services window on your desktop
  4. Search for Malwarebytes
  5. Click on Malwarebytes
  6. Check the properties; make sure that startup type is automatic
  7. The service status should be running
  8. Restart your device and provide a full scan to your device

You can get various other errors while using Malwarebytes antivirus but you don’t have to worry. We are giving you the best technical support for fixing all kinds of technical errors with your Malwarebytes antivirus. You just have to dial Malwarebytes Customer Support Phone Number and we will fix your errors in no time.


Need Professional help? Contact Malwarebytes Tech Support

Getting technical errors in any kind of software programs is common. But technical errors can easily get fixed. If you are also facing any kind of error while using Malwarebytes and seeking any kind technical help then contact Malwarebytes Support. We have a team of expert technicians who can easily fix your error instantly.


You can also visit direct Malwarebytes website to complete your setup or call at 1-800-520-2796.

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